Press Coverage

WellMax is internationally known and has been recognized in famous publications
“A Highly Advanced Medical Center…”
“Goodbye to long waits, inattentive physicians and all that… Dr. Dan Cosgrove’s WellMax clinic in Southern California… (offers) the most exhaustive physical examination available…”
“… Guests at California’s luxurious La Quinta resort can now lie back and be… measured on every health parameter…”
“Throughout my evaluation at WellMax, I was reminded of how  personalized service is supposed to be.”
“Throughout my evaluation at WellMax, I was reminded of how
personalized service is supposed to be.”
"[Dr.] Cosgrove – whose game-show good looks belie a deep geekiness…"
"The philosophy of WellMax is to be proactive…"
"Like all physicals, the Platinum Physical looks hard at the present– for symptoms of disease–but Dr. Cosgrove’s real interest lies in predicting and forestalling illness and processes that lead to it. "
WellMax maximizes wellness with early detection of disease long before symptoms are present. We provide a methodical approach to an individual's healthcare.
45-200 Club Dr., Suite A
Indian Wells, CA 92210
(760) 777-7698
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