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MS Made Simple
The Essential Guide to Understanding Your Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
MS Made Simple: The Essential Guide to Understanding Your Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
In MS Made Simple, Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams, a neurologist and MS specialist, shares her expert knowledge of the disease. She explains basic concepts about MS including what it does to the body, how it’s diagnosed, what you can expect over the course of the disease in a way that is down to earth and easy to understand. She also discusses specific topics including MS in African Americans and the importance of research participation to help the large community of scientists, clinicians, patients and support partners working toward finding a cure for this disease.

About the Author

Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams is a Board-Certified neurologist and Fellowship trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. Dr. Mitzi is passionate about educating and empowering people affected by MS to understand the disease process and the goals of treatment. She is a sought-after consultant, speaker, researcher and author.

She has expertise in understanding MS in underserved and ethnic minority populations. She collaborates with national and international committees to advocate for people living with MS and encourage partnerships between patients and with their healthcare teams to improve shared decision making to combat this disease. She also is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of research participation and encouraging diversity in clinical research.

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